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To make your purchase for the KEG CONDITIONING Book, Indomitable Will CD, K.C. Newsletter (.pdf format), or Private Instruction please Contact Us directly using (631) 650-4703 or send an email to dave at kegconditioning dot com. We will assist your requests in the order they were received and are grateful for your consideration. Thank you.

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Thank you for your visit, we are grateful to you. Please allow us to share my resources with you to help alter your perspective on improvement. K.C. is a physical training program that Dave Lemanczyk developed based on "what feels best and what can be progressively accomplished with consistent effort over time." This KEG CONDITIONING perspective applies helpful existing fitness principles with varied tasks using time and distance as targets instead of a sets and repetitions outlook.


This K.C. program can help improve your entire physical body at once. Each workout is a total body fitness test and my Book will help you to adequately assess yourself on a consistent basis. In time with your accomplished efforts, you will notice your mental toughness exceeding any previously known point of measurement. This is the beginning of what Lemanczyk calls "The development of Indomitable Will. Once realized, the development of Indomitable Will connects man to his witness within." KEG CONDITIONING is Superior Conditioning, Power and Muscular Development.

The KEG Power Press

The Keg Power Press is one exercise in the KEG CONDITIONING program. It is a forward standing explosive shove. The best advice Dave can give is to start this exercise with an empty keg. In fact, Dave started with the empty keg. After a few years he was able to Power Press the same half keg but this time it was not empty. The video embedded below is proof!

Full Keg Power Press - Standing Explosive Power on Two Feet

You can set goals and acheive them with consistent hard work. Sometimes even the most lofty goal can be a reality if your intention is infinitely true. As an individual you can drive yourself to success based on choice.

What May Be Impossible To One Is Not To Another

A vast majority of the physical training Dave personally does is outside. Only the most extreme weather keeps his efforts indoors. Lemanczyk has found over time that the connection to nature is imperative for overall success. Each season of weather brings another natural flow of potential gain with it. Well being, oneness, toughness, conditioning, as well as temporary positive distration enable an individual to succeed moreso than a person doing the same thing indoors. After you read through the KEG CONDITIONING Book, very few of your workouts and meditations will be indoors!

Each Elemental Force Represents Something To Gain

You can achieve beyond your own expectations by learning how to develop an Indomitable Will. This level of self-awareness and determination is second to none and it begins inside of one. How would you like to learn?

Contact US at (631) 650-4703 or by email dave AT kegconditioning DOT com.


Dave Lemanczyk, M.S.P.E