Here's The Bottom Line

KEG CONDITIONING will teach you how to progressive handle and manipulate huge items with efficiency. Over time, the items will become bigger and more difficult to handle. My experience and teaching ability will show you how to perfectly handle enormous objects. Real world strength is critical to life and imperative for you to learn from an expert who teaches it for a living. My Book & DVD combination product will show you everything. In addition, all of my other products compliment one another. You can expect them all to work together in synergy.

Here's A Little More

The KEG CONDITIONING program begins with an empty half steel beer keg and culminates with the usage of the empty whiskey barrel or wine keg such as the one in the picture below. You can see me shouldering this huge monster during another enjoyable outdoor workout where the effort it maximum and the risk is minimum. That is a gem of knowledge in itself by the way. Barrel lifting is very hard and it takes a strong man to do it. Nobody and I mean nobody just starts barrel lifting without any experience lifting heavy awkward objects. If you want to learn how to handle the heavy stuff the right way without getting hurt, pick up my KEG CONDITIONING program and learn progressively.